Being a bride it’s not easy. Every little detail seems to turn into a giant! From finding the perfect theme for the wedding, accompany the growth of this day and make it unique and unforgettable. The decor is a strong point but surely, the bride’s dress, the shoes, the hairstyle and make-up are not far behind.

The bride has to emotion the guest and make the gaws fall! You must create feelings worthy of a marriage, a union. Each decision is difficult given the thousands of choices that a bride has! Again, being a bride is not easy! And the hair is one of the key pieces to dazzle. Braids are fashionable and no longer a simple, we used them as children and now they became a fashionable hairstyle, elegant and with some varieties that further embellish our hair.

Fishbone braid is one of many that I will leave here for you to learn how to make and use, not just on the wedding day, but on your daily life. A woman should feel beautiful always!

Inspire yourself!


Photo of Catherine Mac by  Noiva de Evase

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