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Eu e os maus canitos

My name is Mónica! Married, mother of the most beautiful baby in the world – of course! I have two four-legged friends … in fact four – the other two will be featured here soon too! I hope we start a new walk today! Together!

After many conversations and some serious meetings, the idea of ​​creating this blog came as an inspiration!

I want to create a kind of magazine on the world of weddings. A blog that addresses issues that are important to the Portuguese brides. But not only! It will also be a place where vendors can better understand what customers look for, their questions and desires. It aims to inspire the Portuguese brides and awaken them to this new world of weddings that already blooms in Portugal!

I don’t intend this project to become a photograph deposit. But they are essential: FOR SURE! I have a thread and a unique style that allows me to guide the work and not to get lost in the immensity of information that exists. More and better! Although often less is better!

The objective is to showcase the work of the best suppliers and create new challenges for Portuguese brides. Show that you can have a dream weddings on the slopes of the Douro river at sunset, or in the artificial light of a majestic room in a lost palace at the city center. Or even in places that you’ve ever imagined … together i will surprise you!

I want you to feel goosebumps when reading these lines and that will give you the urge to look for the love of your life and say to him, ‘let’s get married!’.

Because love makes sense. Because  to be love makes every sense. Keeping this feeling in a box, that doesn’t make any sense. Come live it! I will give you the inspiration that you need to start: me and you, you and me = the two of us.

Cold hands. Warm heart / Mãos frias. Coração quente.


Love Forever! / Amor Pra Sempre!

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