This is a special wedding! For those who know Granada, and more precisely Alhambra more precisely, you can imagine how spectacular it can be to get married in a space full of living history. Emilio and Rocío married in Carmen de los Chapiteles, a palace inside the Alhambra grounds. It was a civil ceremony officiated by a friend, and it was full of fun moments as family and friends of the bride and groom were able to intervene and share readings that they had written for the celebration.

It was a marriage a full of details  as you can see from the photographs of Jimena – Volvoreta Bodas and guests were welcomed by homemade baked lemonades car! Of all the details that this marriage had, we must highlight the arch under which Emilio and Rocío married, which was made by the bride herself!

The ceremony opened at the sound of Somewhere over the Rainbow, in the version of Israel Kamakawiwo, a very special song for the couple. The highlight of the ceremony was undoubtedly Rocío entrance. It was a celebration full of intense moments, but the moment that David and Mariana intervened was undoubtedly one of the most emotional of this union. The couple nephews managed to boot tears from the guests: Marina led to the couple a small bonsai, chosen by her, while David read a text written by him, saying that they were giving them this tree so that both took care of it together as symbol the love that bound them.

The ceremony and the cocktail were held in the palace gardens and the supper on a terrace room within the same space where the tables were arranged so that the cousins ​​and younger siblings sat in the grooms table. These are friends that usually go out in Granada. It was a table full of life! The stories, toasts and laughs were a constant!

Our wedding was small, we have only 80 guests. From the first moment we knew it was important to share this day with the most essential people in our lifes. That’s precisely what allowed us to make the most of all the guests, anecdotes and laughters, enjoying the fact that many of them, since Emilio is from Madrid, have traveled to Granada, some even coming from abroad. We believe that for our guests, the fact they attendded our wedding and live it with us, was very important so they could understand why Emilio and I have chosen this place to live and celebrate such a special day. I learned that it’s possible to realize a dream, with the help of your family and friends!

Brides, live your dream! Believe that it’s possible! With more or less money, the key is to have with us our most beloved and be happy with the choices we made! We only get married the first time once! Don’t let this day become the day of another person, even if that other is your mother or father! Love should be the key point of any union, and who loves us must accept and help realize our dream! Not theirs!


Inspire yourself!


Fotos: Volvoreta Bodas | Vestidos: Pilar Dal Bat | Makeup e Cabelo: Santiago del Rio | Flores e decoração:Carolina Bouquet | Lembranças: Jabones Bavadeoro | Carro de limonadas e doces caseiros: Sweet and the city


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