Bouquet Diy!

It seems easy… but it’s not! But, it’s always worth a try! We must bear in mind that you can do it with any kinf of flower! It’s a specific bouquet but it works with all the flowers and green you can find. But anyway, good taste and imagination are in order and there’s nothing like making your own experiences with flowers of your own taste. More elaborate, more simple, what really matters is that you make it to match you! Get to work!



Sharp scissors
Floral tape
Floral Wire
Clean buckets with fresh water



Pink Peony
Pink & White Ranunculus
Pink & White Tulips
Pink & White Stock
White Roses
Various Grey-Green Foliages



1. Once you’ve picked up your selected fresh flower bunches from your local market, be sure to remove the unwanted foliage and thorns. A good rule of thumb is to remove all foliage that would sit in water once it’s placed in a vase.

2. Give the flowers a fresh cut an inch from the bottom of the stem at a diagonal and then place the stem in fresh water.

3. Prepare the succulents by wiring them. Poke wire through the top of the succulent – threading it in one way and out the other. Wrap the wire to a thicker wire or stick.

4. Store the prepped flowers in a cool place until you’re ready to begin arranging.

5. To begin the arrangement, choose three medium stems and loosely hold them in one hand. Keep the other hand free for arranging.

6. Once you’ve started, be sure to crisscross the stems to achieve a more rounded aesthetic.

7. Continue layering the flowers and foliage around the center until the bouquet reaches the desired size.

8. Secure stems by wrapping them with floral tape.

9. Cut the flower stems near the base of the floral tape.

10. Next, choose your ribbon and secure it to the bouquet with a pin.

11. Wrap the ribbon around to the base of the stem handle length and secure the opposite tip of the ribbon with another pin.

12. Adding multiple ribbons or charms adds interest to the arrangement’s handle. I chose black and gold glittery ribbon for added visual drama and a feather for a whimsical touch. I finished the bouquet with a white ribbon, tied with long tails for movement and romance.


Fresh flowers evoke a sense of delicacy that makes your wedding day even more special. And what can make it even more symbolic is doing this kind of bouquet with your favorite flowers specifically chosen to match your personality, dress and style! How about doing a test of your dexterity of hands and creativity?


Inspire yourself!


Photography: Abbey Moore Photography | Design Floral: Just Delightful Events & Florist  – by Burnettsboards

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