Breathtaking wedding dresses

Berta Balilti is undoubtedly one of the greatest designer of the bridal couture world. Her drawings are tremendously sexy. Almost certainly if we look for wedding dresses on Pinterest we will find some of the dresses from this Israeli designer and we’ll fall in love with them.

She has designed dresses for beauty contests in the past but, after drawing the three wedding dresses for her daughter she was sure that this was her passion. Her drawings have the sensual features that a miss world dress asks for, but are now targeted for brides that appreciate the union of sensuality, details and daring necklines.

This designer already has 16 years of experience in bridal couture, and now owns a luxury brand that is loved by brides around the world. We are not talking fashionable dresses, we are talking about timeless dresses and marking the day in a unique way. These pieces are undoubtedly the center of attention.

Outlined silhouettes, seductive laces, pearls, long sleeves, satin and silk … A handmade luxury that isn’t accessible to all and that’s only available in physical stores in several countries – unfortunately Portugal is not on this list.

I have said in other posts, I love V-neck and open back dresses. Sexy. Super sexy, but with all the femininity that a woman and bride need.


Inspire yourself!



Highlight Photo: Belle The Magazine | Video: Berta Bridal


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