Christmas Terrarium

Christmas is coming! There is no escape! I personally am a fan of this time of year! My husband says that our tree is always the first Christmas tree in the world to be decorated! But I do not see why decorate a tree for a week or two! It gives so much work to decorate and it’s too beautiful to be a part of the living room cenario only a few days.

Once we reach November I’m already with both hands rubing one another! And the Christmas decorations are ready, but there is always room for something new!

So, here is a delicious suggestion! A very different from the usual recipe but it’s without doubt beautiful to behold as it’s sweet!


Christmas Terrarium


Ingredients + material

Makes 8 to 10
1/2 batch of this gingerbread (or other 1 layer 8-inch cake), cooled
8-10 16 oz jars
1 1/2 c frosting (vanilla for snow, chocolate for mud, lemon for yellow snow)
ground pretzels for gravel or shredded coconut for snow
marzipan kneaded with green food coloring for succulents or christmas trees
rosemary or other herbs
cookie cutouts, mini candy canes, sprinkles, any other fun decor


Crumble up the cake into the bottom of the jars to form an even layer and pat it down gently. top with a blob of frosting (it’s easiest to use a piping bag for this). top with a thin layer of coconut or ground pretzels, and then use tweezers to position your plants and other decorations.

to make the marzipan succulents, roll out the marzipan and use small cookie cutters or a knife to cut out little ovals or hearts and then smoosh them together to form a little flower.




Photos and recipe: My name is yeh

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