Decorate with artichokes

Going around in the web looking for DIY projects, i found one that i found charming. And very green! Artichokes! Have you imagined making decorations with artichokes? A much more affordable alternative to table centerpieces and a unique rustic touch that can be mixed with any other style.

These are the type of plant that are already seen in bouquets (and in many Spanish dishes!), but they may be incorporated in any type of floral decoration. In this case the artichokes were used in two different ways: the decoration of the hallway of ceremony and the tables.

As we can see in the photo, artichokes hanging on hooks were used to decorate the hallway of this marriage ceremony. Just flip the artichokes upside down, wrap the stems with string and add flowers on top.

They were used also used as candlesticks: simply cut the bottom so that the artichoke gets flat to make the base, then just arrange the diameter to fit the candles you choose.

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So that they don’t oxidize wash them with lemon juice! We can finf good tips from ingenious people!  More freshly and original DIY on the way!


Inspire yurself!


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