Algarve+Irlanda= Perfect

This is a wedding full of delicious little details. Pedro and Marina photographed this love celebration capturing the details and the energy that was lived that day. Laura and Alex. He was tall, she was shorter. Remind you of anyone?

They met several years ago in Algarve and when it came time to schedule the wedding site selection was almost done! They just needed to choose the venue and give it the little touches that made the wedding unique.

And the choices were simple but made the decor stand out. As they both love good dining experiences, they decided to assign the tables with the names of their favorite restaurants. I like the idea! But the main theme wasn’t centered on dishes but on a fruit. As Os Agostos, the venue, was once an orange grove, the bride and the bride’s mother chose small details for the decoration of the room that maintained and honor that heritage. Invitations and menus also maintained the same line of thought. What a delight…

It was a sunny and relaxed wedding with the typical Algarve heat, which was attended by close friends and close family who came from Ireland to celebrate the union of the couple and also to take advantage of all the experience that Algarve has to offer.

A Destination Wedding which featured Algarve Wedding Planners and animation of Six Irish Man who created the soundtrack for an absolutely unforgettable day.

Be inspired and take a look to how a decoration centered on fruit can be deliciously exquisite! You can see the photos from this wedding here!


Photos: Fotografamos | Church: Igreja de Estoi | Venue: Os Agostos | Planning: Algarve Wedding Planners | Music:Six Irish Man | Make Up: Marisa Francisco | Hair: Mike Hair Salon

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