DIY: Flower Crown

It’s not fashionable. It will always be fashionable! Since ancient times the flowers are part of weddings! And we can add that special touch in our day doing a wreath to our measure. Nothing like a DIY at our wedding!

Choose the flowers you like, the colors you want to emphasize and some very beautiful green to fill and get your hands to work!

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Flowers of your choice
Thin wire
Floral Tape
Wire for the crown


1. Choose your favourite florals & greens. We used roses, peonies, ranunculus, anemones, wax flower, finished with eucalyptus.
2. Cut your stem about 2 inches long.
3. Take your thin wire and puncture your floral, creating a flexible stem. Note: For roses and peonies puncture the bottom bud. For ranunculus, bend your wire like a bobby pin and push both ends into the centre of the flora (see above photo). For anemones, string the wire through the floral into the stem without bending the wire.
4. Take your floral tape and wrap it around the stem and wire, make sure to pull on your tape to make it stick and easy to work with.
5. Take your ready blooms and start to wrap them around your wire crown, all in the same direction.
6. Finish by using your greens to fill in the spaces and any wire parts that you want to hide.


Via: Monika Hibbs | Photos: Monika Hibbs and  Kristin Sarna (for VonBon)


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