There are hugs and hugs

I was looking at the wedding photos of Yolanda and Rui, work of Luis – Quem Casa Quer Fotos and thought, “really, you can call it fine art photography, you can call it only photography, when you see emotions like this … it doesn’t matter what name you give to it”. So I decided to call Luis and to ask him who was the lady the groom hugged so tightly.

Forgive me grooms! Forgive me the beautiful landscape that appears in the photos! Forgive me “simplicity with which all day ran, in a very informal, fun and genuine environment”  says Luis. Forgive me but, Rui’s grandmother, became the protagonist of this post.

Among so many photos we can find in this gallery, there is no doubt that one or the other stands out for the beauty and uniqueness but the hug that the groom gives to his grandmother … is ripping my smile! A few days ago i spoke with a Spanish videographer who said that one of the difficulties he felt regarding his work, was the failure to meet what most brides envision: the beautiful, the aesthetic sense of the word. His work is rawer, naked.

Okay. Idon’t know much about wedding photography. It seems that there are less photographers inspiring their work in emotions and more regarding beauty that light can pass on to the photos. Happy those who are able to capture both adjectives in the same photo – emotion and light. As for me, i tend to keep memories from pictures like this, with an extreme emotional burden, they are, for me, the pinnacle of photography. I’m hopping to see more of them around here!

Hugs senses, the kiss on the hand of the bride during the ceremony are images that capture me among these photographs. Of course i also vibrate with the colors, the tones, the details … Like any bride what attracted me to the  weddings world were these details that come to us when we look for inspiration, for bouquets or photo shoots!

But the truth is that, there’s hugs and kisses, and this is one of those you do not see every day! You can see all photos here!


Inspire yourself!


Photography: Quem Casa Quer Fotos | Venue: Quinta das Pedras Salgadas

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