Love and emotions

A Spanish wedding! Truth! We already had a wedding from a Spanish photographer, but with Spanish grooms this is the first time! When you read what Pere y Marga wrote about how they felt when they photographed the wedding of Magdalena y Bernat you understand what is really a marriage. ‘The willingness of sharing our love with those who are closest to us’… To marry, is little more than that! Although many think that it’s a feast for the guests.

No doubt it’s a joy for any photographer to feel blessed… to feel at home! And this wedding is above all a family and friends reunion  to celebrate love. We don’t see decorations that jump to the eye or a pompous wedding dress. But we feel the love that overflows into every hug, every look.

Marriage isn’t much more than that…. just focus your attention in the photograph in which you can see the grandfather and granddaughter embracing and emotions are all over. It’s true that we all want to have unique and special photographs. But can it get more special than this?

You can see all the photos here.

Thanks Pere and Marga!


Inspire yourself!


Photography: Pereymarga | Venue: Santa Cirga | Church: Porto Cristo | Catering: Tot apunt | Weddind dress: Rosa Clara |Flowers: Sa Morera | Grooms attire: Uomo

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