Oporto: a non stop beating heart

I see Oporto as a heart that pumps the blood that runs through the city streets. The people who live here caracterize the Invicta, but today the tourist populate it and make it more beautiful, more from the world, but always unique and timeless.

A few months ago we thought we could go spend a weekend relaxing and dating a bit – since Emma was gonna spend the night at  grandmother’s! – and we decided it was not worth to go far away. We wanted a cozy room with a beautiful view, preferably by the sea or the river. Initially we thought of an hotel further north, then down a little further inland …. and we ended up in Oporto’s Ribeira!

Truth! I have pictures to prove it! We live in Oporto in an apartment on the 10th floor, we do not have river views! I already knew  Go2Oporto, it was a part of my professional life and i always loved the apartments! They are different, modern, classic, cozy, central and most of all original. Some with ancient walls, with river views, others located in streets with some much history. There were many  reasonswhy we wanted to stay there for the night: to feel even more of Oporto.

This apartment is one of my favorites. Imagine yourself already, sitting on the porch with a glass of Port wine in hand hearing the heart beat of this city and looking to the Douro river waters. You can’t ask for more. Or maybe a girlfriend’s hand in marriage! Sounds like a perfect setting!


Engagement, wedding night, honeymoon …. these corners of Oporto wait you! You can see more photos here.


Inspire yourself!


Photos: Go2Oporto

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