Erika + Romain = what a wedding party!

Today the post is from the bride, Erika! This is their wedding story! Their advices! Thank you so much Nordica Photography for sharing your work with us!

When Romain proposed, after 8 years together, we quickly started thinking about where we should get married as that would be our starting point. I am half Spanish, half Swedish, Romain is French, we live in Thailand. The choice wasn’t that easy. We made a list with the different options, we had 4 different countries to choose from, but soon enough we knew that Sweden was it. Probably not the most easy or accessible place to celebrate a wedding, but hey Sweden has so much to offer!

The first part of the process was long, not so fun and quite disappointing; indeed looking for the perfect venue was not an easy task. We wanted so much, we didn’t only want a venue, we wanted a place where we could gather family the days before the wedding and friends after. We live so far away and we hardly get to see our loved ones, we wanted more time with them that just a couple of wedding days.

After weeks searching on the net, contacting agents, wedding planners and all other possible people that could help us, Romain found Beckershofs Herrgård! It did have it all! We quickly made a deposit, without even seeing the place for real, we flew to Sweden in December in order to see and check the place out. Let me just say, we were not disappointed!

The beautiful Swedish manor, had a lot to offer, we could stay with some of the family and friends and we had 3 different places we could host the wedding dinner and party. We actually decided on the exact venue less than two months before the wedding. We went for the barn, which in December was actually full of boats and tractors, but there was something about that barn that had both of us since day one.

When planning the wedding we knew what we wanted, we wanted a simple, fun and close to the nature wedding. With that in mind, we decided we would prepare everything by ourselves, with of course, the help from family and friends, who were there for us the whole way! It was so worth it, we had both families gathered together, our best friends, all staying under the same roof. It was really amazing to see them all together, with the same purpose,
making the wedding happen.

The days before the wedding were really very special, and will stay in our memories for our entire lives. Always thankful for the help everyone put in. What was great about Beckershof is that we were free to decorate and arrange the barn as we wanted. Living in Thailand and having thousands of markets and shops, we bought most of the decoration things here. It was hard as we hadn’t decided on the exact venue yet, but we knew the style we wanted and what we were looking for. So we could prepare a lot of things from Bangkok. I ended up with 50 kilos once I travelled back to Sweden end of May, and other family members, had extra 20 kilos. The rest of the decoration (glass, vases…) we bought in different charity second hand shops in Stockholm.

For the ceremony, we knew we wanted a place with a very present nature. The woods, being a bit too rough to get into, we decided on this beautiful birch forest area on the property. The ceremony was really very special. It was just something spiritual about the place with the wind going through the trees. And the priest was perfect, such a beautiful and thoughtful person, she made the whole ceremony so deep and personal.

We had a champagne cocktail party by the lake, in order to talk more with the guests, great way to get to quickly see everyone before sitting down for dinner. The dinner menu was straight forward, as we wanted it. Herring, snaps, wild boar, cheese and lots of desserts, it was all very representative of the wedding “theme” but most of all, us. I must admit that the kitchen team did an amazing job, never underestimate the food prep when having weddings dinners in venues that have no prep space, but Chef Ida was ready!

We agreed to have our photo shoot during the dinner, so the guests wouldn’t t really notice we disappear and of course, being Sweden with the late sun, the light would be better the later we did it. We were pretty mean with Cole, our amazing photographer from Nordica Photography, we limited the time quite a lot as we didn’t t want to miss anything from the party. But actually during the photo shoot it was a perfect moment for us to look at each other, grasp and take in all the emotions and things happening, it felt like it was a moment for only the two of us. I am so happy about our choice of photographer, of course seeing the pictures now, and especially because the whole contact with Nordica Photography felt right and natural, I am truly grateful we found them and all their work!

The party went on for the whole night/morning, a very cold so, so we all had blankets and covers over us. The party went on for the whole night/morning, a very cold so, so we all had blankets and covers over us. Once our three day wedding was over, we actually wanted more, you don’t get enough of having your family and friends with you.

Small advice: Don’t underestimate the importance of the person that will celebrate the ceremony. We were so lucky, we got such an amazing ceremony and all thanks to the priest. Don’t let small things get to you. There are always going to be small details that won’t be exactly as you planned, don’t worry, it ends up being just fine. Enjoy every single moment! For us it was such an amazing moment, gathering people from literally all over the world, there to share your special moment, it is just once in a lifetime experience.

To see all the photos from this amazing wedding click here!



Photography: Nordica Photography | Priest: Cecilia Joelsson | Décor: Family, friends and us | Bride’s dress: bride’s own design executed by Narong and his tailors of House of Narong, Bangkok | Groom & Groomsmen’s suit jacket: Tailor made in Bangkok | Bridesmaid’s skirt: Narong of House of Narong | Venue: Beckershof Herrgård, Katrinheolm, Sweden | Bakery: Sultans Konditori, Katrineholm | Hair & Makeup : Lisa & Cia from Hud och & Hår Komaniet Katrineholm | Bouquet and head flowers: Nya Johanssons Blommor Katrineholm


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