A fairy tale wedding

A few years ago talking with a coworker she said that, contrary to what most mothers say, the day her children were born was not the happiest day of your life. Yes it was one of the happiest, along with her wedding day. At that time I was not married, neither had been a mother did, so i didn’t understand any of the parties.

Today, I agree with her 100%! My wedding day was as magical as my daughter’s birth. So i understand very well when Sara and João describe their wedding day as “the most beautiful and happy day of our lives. We live our day with hearts full of love and happiness, if it were possible we would repeat it every year “. Ahhhh how I understand!

Let’s relive this day in Instante Photography photos and in the video by the hands of Carlos Ferreira from Videoart. A wedding held smoothly at the Palácio dos Duques which was “transformed into a true fairy tale” with the precious help of Inspirarte.

But the most exciting moment for this couple was “definitely our church meeting, when John lifted the veil and also the exchange of rings in which the voice almost failed”. No doubt that emotion hinders our voice. These intense moments become unforgettable.

Sara and João, live in England but chose the hometown of the bride to tight the knot . The help of all suppliers was essential so that all would go well. What was important “was to live our day the best way and enjoy every second, we knew it would pass quickly and so we wanted to live our love and make our guests feel that love too, and I think we did, because after a year they still tell us that it was the most beautiful and happy marriage ever and it fills our heart and soul”.

Getting married is this! A day that you want to repeat and relive for years! Do not smother your day with watchful eyes and nerves, hoping to try to understand whether or not the guests are happy. Use this look for love and take mental photographs of this unique day!

Absorb the delicious details of this wedding. From the bride’s makeup in the garden, passing by the looks exchanged with the photographers, the chaplet curled around the bride’s hand … or the delicate and simply decoration of the space. Sublime.

Can see all the photos here!



Inspire yourself!


PS: I can’t help to mention that this list of suppliers is undoubtedly extraordinary! Handpicked! Congratulations to the newlyweds! Glad that it’s getting more and more ‘normal’ to see good suppliers be preferred by many portuguese brides! This is a marriage that shows without a doubt that our suppliers are up to any challenge! Plus, a great job of Instant Photography that didn’t left unnoticed all the details and captured all the teamwork that created this event. It is certainly very important that photographers pay attention to details so that we can show them to the brides – often we don’t have good photos of cakes or decor, etc! Well done Elsa e Rui!


Photography: Instante Fotografia | Church: Nossa Senhora da Oliveira – Guimarães |Church decoration: Eventualidades Eventos | Venue: Paço dos Duques de Bragança | Entertainement: Dj Motinha | Decoration: Inspirarte |Catering: S.Giao – Parque da Penha |Cake: Cupcake | Video: Videoarte | Dress: Rosa Clára | Bride’s shoes: Kurt Geiger Shoes | Bouquet: Eventualidades Eventos | Make-up: Jenny Make up Land | Hairstyle: Paula Brás | Groom’s attire: Ede and Ravenscroft | Groom’s shoes: El Corte Inglês | Stationary: Branco Prata

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