A garden dressed with pastel

I often talked about Pinterest and how easy it is to find inspiration for our wedding day online. Simone and Philip created a theme that has to do with them. They love to travel and they searched the web for inspiration for their wedding!

Andreas Kowacsik photographed this family reunion in their home garden and even admitted that this was the most personal and intimate wedding he had photographed so far.

The wedding of Simone & Philipp is certainly one of the most personal and loveliest weddings I’ve photographed so far. As they are both very keen travelers the maritime topic of the wedding is really well chosen.  When looking at the details the whole wedding feels like “holiday”, doesn’t it? My favorite detail is the bridal bouquet, I’ve shot dozens of weddings but I’ve never seen such an extraordinary bouquet! Celebrating the wedding in their own garden and requesting a very casual and pastel dress code made the whole event truly relaxed, fun and intimate.

Not everyone has the possibility of getting married in their own garden, but we can all have a wedding that fits us. You can be inspired bys websites, magazines or even in the weddings you go to, but never lose your identity.

This is a model couple … a simple wedding but full of meaning, the bride even wore her rugby sweater! Unique poses and original photographs in this Diy wedding.

Inspire yourslef!


Photos: Andreas Kowacsik – Cochic Photography

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