Grecian updo

Special occasions call for different hairstyles! Bolder ones! I’m also a fan of simple and loose but I also love to see beautiful hairstyles. Most of them look like a masterpiece and out of reach of only two hands, even if very hardworking!

Many wont be so easy to make for sure but this one i leave you today is undoubtedly easy and gives a touch of sophistication to any bride! Well you don’t have to be a bride to wear this updo! It’s not the first time that say: a woman must always be beautiful and feel powerful!

The greek-style hairdo, can be made ​​with or without a braid. I chose this from among dozens of videos that I researched: no need to use hooks to hold hair in, what happens in many of the other ones i bumped into. The simpler the better.

Hope you enjoy the video and leave home already with a matching style! How about send a selfie with the final result?


Inspire yourself!


Video: Camila Coelho

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