I love beautiful handwriting

It’s true. From the day that I had contact with it… I can still remember, it was one of the books that Gustavo’s mother, Bethi Mussi offered me after my stay there with them… What a wonderful handwriting… Initially I did not understand it was her writing that lettering seemed designed… i will never forget.

Now, when I see that the handwriting is increasingly gaining expression in the decoration of events, I take every chance I get to leave you pretty thing that I or that I find on the net. That’s the case today.

Arrows indicating the direction of the Ceremony, Wedding and Reception. English for sure, but a touch of elegance goes well in any language and, if necessary, you can always send me an email that certainly we’ll managed to put the words into Portuguese!

I hope someday to see wedding photos with these arrows! I will remember for sure my books and the family who welcomed me on Brazilian soil! Miss you guys!

I think I’ll just peek my books and relive memories from the beautiful handwritting… good memories. Especially one in particular: Gustavo erased all of the photos we took on one trip …

Better keep the handwriting memories!

You can choose whether you prefer white or black background. Here are the links:

With white background

With black background


Inspire yourself!



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