Heather + Tony

Heather and Tony had as their wedding photographer a selected Martha Stewart photographer! We already had a Sylvie Gil wedding here on the blog and today more fantastic photos!

An elegant wedding, with a wonderful table… The ceremony was performed in the middle of the willow trees… wonderful scenery with a lake by the side! These trees always make me remember a Disney romance “The Little Mermaid”… I strongly advise it! It also remains a classic romance!

There’s not much to add to this marriage. A love story captured with perfection and that can be an inspiration for brides who wish to marry and enhance the surrounding nature, take advantage of it.

I often hear people concerned in getting a farm that has a nice outdoor space, but actually that space doesn’t serve much more than for appetizers, or for guests can stretch their legs and breathe fresh air. It’s true that some farms have begun to give more attention to the space you have, putting puffs, chairs, decor and some, very few, even try to innovate and achieve outwardly, creating a space that can be an ideal complement to the reception and not only serve to cut the cake!

This wedding shows that the outdoor space can become the center of the event. It’s time to innovate and create new traditions. And isn’t it better to have a table outside where we all can enjoy the fresh air and be in touch nature? Children will be grateful for sure!

There is a world of ideas to explore! You san see all the photos here!


Inspire yourself!



Photos: Sylvie Gil

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