What is hiden in a bouquet

Marriage is one of the most important and magical moments in a woman’s life and the bridal bouquet  is one of the most special elements. Since always the bouquet is part of this day and the story of its origin has several theories.

One of them dates back to ancient Greece, where the brides have to offer flowers in honor of the goddess Hera, bride of the God Zeus. In the Middle Ages in France, some historians say that tradition was to young brides to walk through streets on the way to church and people would offered flowers, sprigs herbs and garlic for the bride to have luck and happiness, and to scare evil. In this walk the bride would accept the flowers and get to church with a beautiful bouquet.

bouquet feito por flores oferecidas pelos convidados

(Imagem de Levinine através de Offbeatbride)

In Poland it was believed that by putting sugar in the bouquet, the bride would keep an “sweet” temperament throughout the marriage. I believe that many grooms are now thinking to take some sugar packets into their pants pocket!

Another theory, much less romantic and this leads us to the XVI and XVII centuries, where hygiene habits were few and the first bath of the year was taken in May and so brides  scheduled the ceremony for that time and took advantage of flowers as their perfect allies to disguise any bad smell, so that the “prince charming” didn’t feel any less pleasant smell. Unromantic no ?!

Currently bouquets have different shapes, colors and sizes, according to the style and personality of the bride. And each flower has its own meaning – one of these days we’ll talk about it! All brides dream of their bouquet and would like to bring to the altar something unique and amazing.

For me a touch of modernity without forgetting tradition is the perfect combination. And this i find in the so fashionable vintage style. An example are the pin bouquets that have increasingly more adepts. They can be made with pins offered by the guests, with antique pieces or family heirlooms, bringing a lot of history, tradition and sentimental meaning.

A perfect bouquet that takes emotions already lived. A jewel that will keep happiness forever the hapiness of this day! This would undoubtedly my bouquet of choice!


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Post by Marilena Silva
Photos (left to right): Style Unveiled | White Rabbit Studios by Rocknrollbride | Dweddings

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