Jimmy Choo?, No, Josefinas!

Shoes are almost a synonym of Woman. It’s true. Ones with more, others with less, but the truth is that the vast majority of women (of course vain ones more!) loves shoes. Vibrates with shoes. Now imagine the wedding day shoe. If a pair to use in everyday life already has a great meaning, it’s only logical that there are blogs that post daily a pair of shoes worthy of a Amor Pra Sempre day .

I couldn’t pass on the sidelines of this evidence but, instead of posting a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes, I decided for something much more Portuguese! And more shallow too!

Some weeks ago a bride (and friend!) asked me: “Do you think i can find some kind of sabrina shoe to wear on my wedding? But i want something cute and comfortable”. It’s difficult but not impossible. Surely that’s what the creative of Josefinas thought.

For me, these couldn’t be some ballerinas, they would have to have personality, represent the good that comes from the hands of craftsmen in my country and, above all, give a woman the elegance and confidence that some shoes can bring to your lifetime. Going traveling? Getting married? Going to the office? Going out at night and dance until dawn? Puting yourself on tiptoe to kiss your love? Josefinas mark these events that are part of the life of any young and modern woman who enjoy the exclusivity that surrounds every step. I hope these ballerinas inspire the path of many other women directly to the achievement of their dreams, as they inspired me!

Use a blog to honor people who decide to go after their dreams is an honor. I wish all the best for Josefinas and Filipa, that proved to be a woman with big W!

I leave you here some photos of these shoes that make your mouth water and maybe, just maybe, one of these days you can dress your feet with them! Josefinas already have special editions for brides and limited editions. Check them out!


Inspire yourself!


Photos: Josefinas

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