Joana e Bernardo by Golden Days

Rui Gaiola, eyes of the lens of Golden Days Photography, has a funny shyness! At least that’s what I feel from this side of the computer because i don’t know him personally. A shyness that doesn’t let him, do a text for a blog and that makes him humble about the quality of his work.

Golden Days Photography is a baby, but was born beautiful! And took the attitude of “I’m here to stay” showing quality work. And here Rui is not shy! And translates emotion, subtlety and the story of a wedding day. With a characteristic light that demarcates his work.

I don’t understand much about photography. Who knows me for many years,know thet i’ve always been addicted to taking pictures (and thak God because there are times that we now can remember thanks to me, isn’t it?). But the technique itself i understand just a little. But I think I can relatively easily distinguish the good from the bad and the beautiful from the ugly when it comes to photos. More than what is fashionable and what isn’t. If we think abut it…. What would we do with wedding photos from 20 years ago we have at home??

But todays wedding photos will hardly be old fashion. This is because now we capture emotions and not people. Joana and Bernardo married last September, in Quinta do Espanhol and their marriage had many surprises throughout the day. When Rui described this marriage, he didin’t described how people were dressed, what they ate. He described feelings. – And you did it very well!

It was a beautiful civil ceremony where the best man had the important role of talking about the bride and groom from babies to the present day, in a very personal and special way, it was touching and funny at the same time. Friends also prepared a very funny video where they put everyone laughing. It was a great day, full of many special moments, very excited and a party that lasted and lasted…

Say there, what do you expect from the present photographers to take pictures of your aunts clothes or for them to capture emotions that run down the face of each one of the guests, from the dog to the great-grandfather? One of these days we’ll make some comparisons… it can be funny!

You can see all photos of this wedding here!


Inspire yourselves!



Photo: Golden Days Photography | Lights, sound and Dj: Jukebox


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