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Juliana Kneipp is a key name in Amor Pra Sempre. She made the logo that I so much like! But her work is not just design. Photography is her passion!  Scrapbooking too, as well as traveling and listening to music. She probably loves shoes too! I’ll have to ask… But, one thing i know is that her smile is breathtaking!

They say it takes only seven people (or would 9?) so we can reach to a personality like Barak Obama, well to get to Ju, this was not the right metric! An exchange of emails while searching for a designer and boom: a designer and photographer who loves weddings? It couldn’tt have been better!

This was the first work she did as a weddings photographer. “An Armenian ceremony, a beautiful party, a super stylish bride, a super excited and cute couple”. This is how Ju describes this day but lets get to know her a little better …

While editing this wedding, I was sure that is the issue I realize I am! Thoughts are transported to all the moments that I photographed … Many times, I find myself listening to the same music that was playing when I took the picture … Almost a therapy! See the photos turning and gaining more life is rewarding!

A Portuguese blog that is being designed by Brazilian hands with German descent. Did someone noticed the accent? Pretty soon, more news from Brasil! And not by the hands of Ju! Wait up …. but until then:

Inspire yourself!


Photos: Juliana Kneipp

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