The London tranquility

London. I love this city. A few years ago – I only knew one little bit of life – i thought it was the ideal city for me. Colors, smells, cultures, hummmm a pot full of good things to taste. There are 8 million people in a city … ever wonder?

But Elias Kordelakos wanted to show another facet of this city.

A pre-wedding shooting in London is always a challenge. A city of 8 million people is always busy and in motion. But that is not what I wanted my images to depict. I wanted to show the relaxed side of the city, as there is always one, you just need to find it. There are markets under the train railways and really beautiful parks like the famous Hyde Park. I really wanted to avoid the standard pictures of a couple in front of the Big Ben etc so we had a nice walk with Christia and Yannis to places less ‘discovered’.

No doubt that Elias was able to capture the calm of London and this way accompany this couple on a peaceful journey and through where their love can shine instead of the architecture or any other type of noise that the photos in the cities always have! I confess that I also love this noise! So I am sure that this You+Me session would be beautiful anyway!

You can see all the photos here.

Inspire yourself!


Photos: Elias Kordelakos

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