Love note

cartões thank you agradecimento

There are many reasons to make a love note. It doesn’t have to be just in holidays. It can be every day! Thank you ‘for being you’ … goes well in Portuguese, Spanish or any other language!

The important thing is to celebrate love. Thank for gestures of affection, smiles, looks … or even holding hands, is a symbol that embraces so many phrases of love, a silence that sais everything.

When I bumped online with this thank you note I thought ‘ahhh it was so good it was in Portuguese!’ … In this occasion what i’d give to be a designer! But then I thought, to say thank you it doesn’t matter what the words are, the meaning is in the the gesture, so here i  leave you today one Thank you to print and offer to someone special or in many special moments! Or even to put in your wedding memories!

My thank you goes to my You+I = Us three!

Download here Thank you card!


Inspire yourself!


Photo: Coco and Mingo via 1000 threads blog

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