Madeira Island complicity

Marta and Rodrigo are a couple of designers who work in Oporto for some years now. César from 1001 Ideias met them in the same co-working space and the idea of making a single session was always in the air. Because they are from Madeira, normally in the summer they always go back to the island and this was the perfect excuse to be again with this wonderful couple outside the workspace, visit the island and shoot the Love Island.

This movie is born simply because they both have huge love for one another and also because they are passionate about film, giving us immediately a creative freedom to explore the cinematographic side we like so much and that whenever we cen, we apply to the sessions. During the days we shot, we spent a fantastic time with them and even though the film focus mainly on both of them the environment from Madeira also helps a lot.

Love remains the inspiration. It crosses the imagination with thewill to grow and to do more and better. And the end result is obvious. And like César Sousa says “now we’re just waiting for Rodrigo to propose”. We’ll have news soon! wait… this love story is just getting started!


Inspire yourself!


Video: 1001 Ideias

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