Make Up with Jenny

It is normal to hear out there that Jenny is the best. I had the opportunity to meet her in a styled shoot and I found that she really does an exceptional job!

From what i had heard about Jenny, and after seeing the article about her at Momento Cativo blog, i imagined her to be a great woman ,1.80m, high heels, self-possessed, powerful. And I was delighted when I met her. Her personality has all these features but thankfully she doesn’t have 1,80m! She’s a serene woman although very energetic, sensitive, elegant and petite! As I am! I was very happy with this, because it shows that you don’t need to be tall to have a spirit of full strength and presence!

I enjoyed meeting this mother of two who never shows the dark circles of sleepless nights! There is no ‘Blacksmith’s house, wooden spit’. These days I took a few hours in the morning to know her a little better and volunteered to model one of her makeup classes. The morning flew!

All students love Jenny, how she works and how she teaches, the ease with which everything goes perfectly with her. Five years as a professional makeup people!

What seems almost impossible to match, Jenny‘s fingers already do it almost with eyes closed. It’s certainly this, one of the features that makes he so special and loved by brides.

Smiling, humming the songs that fill the environment and explaining step by step each of her apprentices in a space full of light and with a paraphernalia of material that makes miracles for sure! Among brides stories, designers, magazines, several hours pass and i gain a new self when the makeup was finished. And the students feel every day that passes more capable and more confident. Knowing that every doubt can be taken and that they may go out of Jenny‘s class as magic wands that can turn frogs into princesses!


But for those wanting to learn how to makeup themselves, Jenny has also prepared special classes. Workshop of self makeup First Steps. A group class designed for pragmatic women but vain, active and with little time to devote to themselves, but still want to be at their best!

The class has a 4 hours duration, with coffee break for a chat.

Adress: Jenny Make Up Land – Vila Nova de Gaia.
Date: 24th January
Time: 16h
Number of students: 6 pessoas
For more information: or mobile: 918966919


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