News from Croatia!

Well, not all of us know the beauty of Croatia, and many don’t know the beauty of this corner that is sitting at the seafromt. This tiny Portugal which for some is a dream destination. As we yearn for other places around the world, many yearn for stepping soil on this wonderfull lad of navigators!

Marko Marinkovic is not new here in the blog, we’ve had around here some of his work (and we’ll continue to have) and now he has some great news!

This photographer is full of desire to work in Portugal! He loves our country, our culture, the Portuguese people! And through Amor Pra Sempre/Marry Me Events, he has made available a list of appetizing prices for those who want to leverage his talent! But the same applies to those who want to marry in beautiful Croatia!

The wedding season 2015/2016 is more than open so don’t miss this opportunity! Peek here!

Dubrovnik wedding photographer marko marinkovic logo

Any questions send email! Don’t forget to mention that you are Amor Pra Sempre readers to be entitled to the special package!


Have fun!


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