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Marina and Pedro are my darlings! No, it’s not because they are (yes they will always be!) my wedding photographers… but rather for who they are, because they have grown in this area, shown determination and will to win. They are special because they brought me here! They brought to surface what was hidden!

There aren’t photographers with many years of experience in the wedding area. And thank God! They are a sponge ready to absorb what they consider to be the best of what they learn and translate the emotions with the same intensity of the love that unites them.

Isaid that they were my darlings… We always have a preference. We always have an Achilles heel. We always have someone who makes us smile more than others. There aren’t the ones that appear mostly on the blog. But they are the ones who always gave me strength and believed in my work and in my power to do something new.

When I get some work from them I’m very happy beacuse somehow i’m able to give them a little of what they have given me over the years – it’s true and it has been two years and a bit more! I admire them a lot and I hope that this little corner in the Internet immensity can give us many joys – and to all who join this project!

Of course, the marriage of Ana and David arrived in good time. A relaxed wedding where the key was to live love with family and close friends. A marriage that could have been all traditional but the couple decided to take the reins of the event and made it to their needs, desires and tastes.

For the brides and grooms who are afraid to take risks, to flee the protocol, here is an excellent example of what is really important on your wedding day! In the voice of the grooms. I know you’ve heard me say this the same sentence many times, but I’m not tired of repeating it: marriage is for the couple and not for the guests! If you can unite both: perfect! And it’s so easy! Check it out:

We have tried to make this day more than the celebration of a moment, the celebration of the best years of our lives and the perspective of our inseparable future. We tried not to extend the guest list according to social conventions. And tried to gather a group of people whose friendship and familiarity were important to us. After all, a special day only would be special if the people who were part of it would also be special, all this in a relative informal environment, breaking the conventions and allowing people to freely circulate and to sit wherever they wanted.

The choice of venue also translated our affinity with nature and, in that spirit, the decor was detailed by the friendly R&S team in order not to create striking decorative elements but rather, decorative elements that complement the scene, helping to create an environment and rurality, helping the spirit of informality. Care has been taken in the use of herbs to extend the range of sensations offered by the different spaces.

The party also had to have that personal touch. The description signs were made by us recovering some pallets used, the pads were made by Ana her mother and David’s mother made the cherry brandy (from Fundão of course!) that was later offered to the guests. Also as a souvenir, we offered small strawberry to our guests, from a tree that abounds in the foothills of the Serra da Gardunha, in the paths wehere we usually go on our hikes and whose fruits Ana enjoys a lot.

We planned, prepared and lived on the party atmosphere, relaxation and friendship and it all started the day before, with the gathering of family and friends who helped us arrange and decorate the venue. We lived and we loved every moment, every smile, every hug. If it’s true that the big day fades too fast, it’s also true that we didin’t want it to have gone differently. There was no marked places, and the couple didn’t sit in a prominent place. It was a celebration of family ties, friendship, love. It was magical.

As tradition dictates the union took place in the land of the bride, Viana do Castelo, but the groom’s land, and where they live now, Fundão, wasn’t forgotten!

Anyway, it’s so easy to be happy and make the guests feel at home without losing the tradition but always giving a modern twist to this day! After this report, which was corroborated by Fotografamos i have no doubt that is just as Ana and David say, “between you and me, if we hadn’t been part of the organization, we would have loved to have been invited to this wedding!”. Who wouldn’t?

You can see more photos of this wedding click here!


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Photos: Fotografamos | Venue: Quinta do Bento Novo  | Brides dress: Rembo Styling –  in Moda Café | Grooms attire: Sacoor Brothers | Make-up: Jenny Make Up Land |Hairdresser: Marta – Deep Senses |Decoration: Romântica & Sofisticada – Decoração Floral Low cost | Stationary: Catarina Marques |Music: Contraponto e Ali Baba Eventos |Catering: Vianinha Catering | Sushi: Expresso do Oriente


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