Men also cry

It’s always good to feel emotion when you see photos or video of a wedding. It’s always good to feel what bride and groom felt on that day. We weren’t part of the day, but if we feel like we were there, for sure it would be the height of perfection of photographers and videographers work.

But then there are those little moments that make us feel the goose bumps and that bring a smile to our lips, like Xana wiping the tears of João. After all, men also cry. They also get nervous, also tremble. They also dream to marry the princess of their dreams. And all this was written in joão tears and all in all of the grooms that at this time of their lives, break through their emotions in drops of joy!

Alexandra e João wedding had the most emotional ceremonies of the year. An exchange of votes in the shade of pine trees, beautiful voices and a guitar to accompany the bride and groom. Every gesture, every glance between these two is a passionate kiss in our eyes. And we had a crying baby to these parts as well. Xana and João are made for each other and celebrated this day big! Big party, lots of friends and lots of dancing !!

It’s like I said, when we feel part of the moment it’s unique! And even having been there you can’t feel indifferent to this love!


Inspire yourselves!


Video: Happy Together | Photography: The Knot | Planning e decor: Festa e Sonhos | Entertainment: Jukebox | Child Entertainment:Funtoche


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