Lexi, Austin and snow

I know. It’s spring, but this happens only in some parts of the world! In some corner of this planet, in fact, in many, cold is pressing and this session will fit perfectly! It even makes you want to drink hot chocolate, even if there are 24 degrees outside – not the case today!

Michael Liedtke takes us to one of these spaces where serenity and beauty of nature combine to create an environment of romance and complicity.

There’s nothing quite like having an engagement session where you’re walking along snow covered hills, standing on the edge of 50ft cliffs and walking across frozen rivers… oh wait… That was this engagement session! HA! 🙂 I’m not sure it could have gone any better other than if it was about 30 degrees warmer so we wouldn’t have had to take breaks to warm up in my car every 20 min. But hey, it was obviously worth it. Congratulations Lexi and Austin! Can’t wait for the big day to arrive!

20 minutes stops to warm up…. or stops to shelter from the sun… What does one do to create memorable photos!

Are you willing to do it? Well, Michael Liedtke is dying to come photograph in Portugal! Truth Michael?


Be inspired!


Photography: Michael Liedtke


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