Modern times brides

Every day brides are becoming more daring! Cease to be afraid to wear what translates them truly! A touch of seduction witha  semi naked back. A touch of romance with a tulle skirt. Sheryl Luke is a blogger who every day put online photos of clothes they wear in their day-to-day, with the city of Los Angeles as backdrop. And tell me if this set isn’t worthy of a modern times brides?

This is just one of the thousands of alternatives that can be easily transported to the altar. Or maybe for the rehearsal dinner!

Do you imagine yourself going out for a romantic weekend in a city full of life like New York or Oporto … to renew vows with such a romantic skirt like this?

Life is made ​​of moments of happiness. Isn’t what they say? Well then, do not miss your wedding moment. Don’t loose it for the traditions, or family …. grab it with both hands! Sweep your wardrobe or buy that dress and run away with your love for the space that is worthy of your love and not your guests (metaphorically speaking!).


Inspire yourself!


Photos: Sheryl Luke in Walk in wonderland

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