Soneto do Cativo

After receiving this You and I session, I was thinking that the name Momento Cativo, reminded me of something. And I remembered what it was eventually… ‘A David Mourão Ferreira poem’. As most of this great writer poems, an elegy to love. The lovers who live ‘forever trapped’. The words of this poem could fit on any photo label, wedding, engagement and so many more…

Where there is love, there are prisoners, blind hearts. As it would be expected, Ana and Vitor fit like a glove in this description. In love. In their photos excels nature embracing love.

With feelings like this the photos could only be beautiful. This is not just another photo shoot before the wedding, a You and I, or an engagement, call it as you want. Today it’s the Soneto do Cativo wedding session, as I shall call it. And your session, does it has a poem behind?


Inspire yourself!


Photos: Momento Cativo |Venue: Lordelo Park – Oporto




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