Much more Me: cotton wedding anniversary

We have passed the paper ones … we are already in the cotton’s! Here come the silvers’s! It’s true … two years of marriage! We don’t let these dates go blanck! If it’s good to celebrate love everyday – which sometimes becomes difficult for itself, imagine with a 16 months daughter! – celebrating a special date makes even more sense.

We could have done a romantic runaway to a European capital, but we decided that to remember our wedding day, it was great to go to the hotel where we got married and further more: why not spend the night at the hotel to remember so many great moments that this space provided? Excelent. Hotel Infante Sagres, Oporto.

2014-08-17 23.09.38

Last year we spent the night there with Ema (she was only 4 months old at thet time!) and this year grandmother Filomena took custody of our Piruças (as I call her … also affectionately call her  princess, beautiful love … but Piruças and Txutxuca seem to be Much More Me!) and we had Cotton Wedding Anniversary for two.

2014-08-17 23.10.04




We took the opportunity to play around with the camera and thought nothing better than to share with you our happy hours! Peace, love, music and falling asleep in each other’s arms on a sofa that swallowed us because it was so fluffy …






My husband Paul says he was resting in the same place ‘where Soares rested his cheeks, John Paul the II’s rested his soul and Bono Vox rested what he felt like “… We were lucky enough to have been able to enjoy the Suite where these personalities have passed. an honor for newlyweds! Could anyone ever say the same about us? ‘I was lucky to rest where Monica and Paul have rested their tired bones from day to day life but their chest full of love ‘.

We will see what we’ll be doing for this possibility to happen … It’s not politics, I don’t think religion … perhaps music! We had our own soundtrack  – Bossa Nova – and our ever-present smile, a few laughs, a trip to the Grahams cellars to taste Porto whine, a walk near the riverside and a good dinner! Perfect!

fotografia (2)

fotografia (1)

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The rest is secret! There is nothing better than renew our vows and relive days that make us who we are today!

Inspire yourself! And if you’d like to know a little bit about our wedding day and see some photos, check them out here!


Photos: Iphone e HTC de Mónica e Paulo | Venue: Hotel Infante Sagres


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