Nature and love

When I saw the beautiful pictures and the fog i thought ‘it should have been a cold morning!’… But looking better, there was no indication of discomfort and Marina told me that the morning was ‘chilled’ but tasty.

Maybe that’s why the pictures got so beautiful. Seeing photos of couples in nature begins to be more of a constant. I don’t know who started this adventure to lead couples to outdoor spaces which, fortunately, are far beyond the parish parks! Some are very pretty but hardly calm and taken care of.

But I also wonder sometimes ‘why?’. There are so many beautiful spaces to shoot, cities with history, places with history, preferred spots of the couples, but I realize that nature has been the chosen space. I made my meditation and i don’t believe it’s just to make pretty pictures. To have good colors. A good photographer can do good pictures anywhere – even if they have to do some gymnastics to get them!

I thought about it a little more and the only explanation I can think of is that nature is really the only place that gives us everything we need to be happy. Not the good food in restaurants, not the museums, not the bridges of the Seine or the frenzy of the New York streets. The nature with its magnitude, its silence, its energy, its unconditional wealth is that fills our lungs and renews us. Enriches us. Earth, Air, Sea, flowers, trees, branches, sand, grass… hummm to caress angel hair or dry wheat (just remembered the movie Gladiator!). Close your eyes and realize that we are part of it. We are a part of the living nature of this planet.

Taking pictures in this union that is often forgotten by us, can only make love and passion much stronger. But this particular story has yet another special touch.

This year our wedding anniversary was again on a saturday and just a little after we decided that we’d only accept to share our day with a truly special couple, with someone who would understand us, who would be madly in love. And we get this amazing email from Marta and Rui, where they poured their hearts out, telling us their story and even with a picture of them! (just how we like it!) and said they wanted us to shoot their wedding. And we melted. Right there and then. With a few tears of joy, a ton of love and emotion, our stories will always be connected.


Inspire yourself! To see all photos from this engagement use this link!




Photography: Pedro e Marina – Fotografamos


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