One Diy wedding

There is much to talk about Diy weddings but there are few who truly live up to this motto! One thing is to make the guest list or table markers, another thing is to work for and decorate our wedding from beginning to end. Flowers, stationery, table centers, etc. It’s hard work and so most brides give up and eventually end up choosing something that they like but buy it already made. I can understand! It’s really hard work!

But that’s not what happened at Rachel and Philip wedding. The bride managed to put the whole family to work. All were involved in the wedding preparations. Yes this was a truly Diy wedding: “the father took care of the garden of the house, the brother gave the beautiful house, the mother took care of the flowers and they put all hands to work to cut hundreds of hearts and make paper balls.”

Happy Together  were there to record this dream day and it was a full day, in their own words ” we love this film, it has a very full narrative and mirrors what we are.”

Getting back together again to start of a new life. The initial excitement gave way to fun. And the lights that divided the two areas of the party could not be more charming. Delicious details that combine perfectly with the bride and groom, discrete, smiling, happy.

Inspire yourself!


Video: Happy Together | Photography: The Frammers

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