Paper tulips

For several days i didn’t publish any DIY! Today I came across this tutorial and found it so delicate that I decided to share it! It’s in english but has step by step so it’s easy to understand what to do for the pictures!

For those who enjoy arts and cratfs this how to make paper tulips project, is very full and rich in details. You can make up bouquets or centerpieces if you have the patience or extra hands to help!

When the creator of these tulips, Brittany Watson Jepsen, married in 2010, she created a  fairy tale atmosphere inspired by the spirit of Hans Christian Andersen, with huge paper flowers and garlands involving the grounds as well as Scandinavian flowers with two feet diameter for each guests table.

Although she thought her flowers didn’t have professional potential, she changed her mind after 15 different blogges published her wedding photos and the traffic on her blog exploded! After that, she started exporting the huge flowers all over the world!
Put your hands to work and inspire yourself!


Credits: Brittany Watson Jepsen via The house that Lars built

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