Paris, Paris…

Who hasn’t the dream of getting married in Paris? Seems harder than it really is. It get’s complicated when the parents that are invited, claim that you invite the whole family!

But if the idea is to make an intimate, civil or religious marriage, the main thing is dealing with bureaucracies in advance. The venue or church may or may not be essential because, to get married in the streets of Paris there is still no need to ask permission!

Alana and Mirage,  Canadian/American couple, decided to marry in Paris and bring their parents to share with them this ceremony which was held in the beautiful Chapelle Expiatoire, (where king Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette the Queen are buried). A space where you can find calm in the city.

It was an exciting celebration that ended with a photo shoot in the emblematic places of the City of Light, with the Eiffel Tower as background, and crossing one of the bridges with the famous padlocks ! Of course, all left there with the divine expectation of a happy ending!

Alana is a perfect bride and ended the day not with her wedding dress, but with a white pantsuit that match in perfection with her high heels Louboutins. The perfect match for the wedding night in Paris!

You can see all the photos here!


Inspire yourself!


Photos: French Grey Photography



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