Pedro e Inês a love story

I love it when I don’t have to write ahahah is true! Blogger life is difficult and inspiration sometimes hides! Other times the pregnant hormones block it! So it’s a pleasure to have texts with which I identify and hardly need to change a point. This is a love story in the first person.

Make My Day- Portugal Weddings, Gilda and Rui are a couple who want to create dream weddings. Original ideas are jumping arround, smile on their face and also a strong desire to do more and better. And they were selected by Inês and Pedro to create their wedding styling and also to coordinate everything.

This is the first marriage of Make My Day here on the blog, photographed by Lounge Fotografia. So here we have a couple of gold suppliers from Amor Pra Sempre! Read this love story and how Make My Day translated it into reality!

We met in school, but was in the endless summer break, a stolen kiss in the beach and we became each others. Followed by days, weeks, months and years of great nostalgia, while the geography remained irreducible to our complaints. From Aveiro to Oporto, going to Bragança and down to Lisbon, without forgetting Guarda, Coimbra and Santarém, endless phone calls, letters and packages and even cyber conversations. The miles were multiplying, but our love grew stronger, unfazed by the distance that brought so many tears. Nine years after the stolen kiss, in the same beach where we started dating, we burried deep down in the sand all the miles and we let the sea took the nostalgia far away. Today we make a promise that we fulfilled ten years ago and we’re going to fulfill it always and forever.

The details are all there: the bike ye-ye, the school where they met and the beach where they started dating. This is the talent of this couple fom Aveiro that promises to realize many dreams. this was only the first one!

Be inspired!


Decoration, coordination and styling: Make My Day – Portugal Weddings | Photography: Lounge Fotografia


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