Summer solstice wedding

I found Pol from Feel & Film, in my internet world adventures searching for beautiful things to inspire me to write for the blog. And i’m gratefull for our meeting. He showed me a video that captivated me. A wedding video. Hard. Touching. Full of information that comes into the depths of the soul. It wasn’t a video where the beauty of the bride stands out, or where we could see the wedding decorations or where we could feel the joy of the guests.

It was a video where we could feel the love of the couple for each other. The purity of what love is. Through phrases and speeches narrated overlaping the music. It weren’t aesthetically ‘beautiful’ images, but it was certainly a touching love story.

In conversation, both Pol and I thought that it wouldn’t be an ideal video for Amor Pra Sempre brides. But, I always felt that there is room for more video approaches, such as in photography, and that surely Pol would arise another video that would be perfect for posting on the blog.

And thankfully yesterday via Facebook he sent me an ‘Hola guapa!’ and from our conversation came the Summer Solstice. A video with Feel & Film brand  that has its own way of interpreting a love story.

This is more than a wedding video it’s a love story that begins with the story of a woman, Joana, who thought she would find happiness through her life projects. Work. Have her own space. Be happy. No need for more. And when she met Grego, happiness… had a diffrent face.

A wedding in the woods in Más el silenci, a Barcelona province. The site was chosen by them. When they got there they were sure it was the right spot.

Joana and Greco’s wedding was special for several reasons. The place was magical, a place to celebrate weddings in the forest. A beautiful place with lots of history. Grooms also seemed tailor-made for that place and so all had that special magic. Guests, light, and certainly the fact that June 21, summer solstice, helped get the extra energy that made it all possible.

The film becomes a document about the experience lived by the couple and not just a video of the event, an example of true narrative while wedding video.


Inspire yourself!


Video: Feel & Film |  Photo: Jessica Quadra


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