Proteas paper flower

Here is another DIY project! This time a flower inspired by a Ashley Forrette photoshoot. The crafter Rachel Coddington made paper proteas for this session and decided to share them with us!

A very complete tutorial, just follow the step by step photographs to achieve beautiful paper flowers. You can choose any color for them, but no doubt they look wonderful if yu choose a degrade role!

 Using the PDF template, cut out all of your pieces. The smallest circle petal will be your ‘leaf’, and the columns will be your ‘center’. Choose whichever colors you want for those particular petals (I like the inside to be light and the leaf to be green, personally!)

. Start in the center. Glue the edge carefully so that there is still equal space between each petal. (you can use PVA, but regular glue can work fine).

. Glue a small spot on each petal. Overlap the petals and hold until secure.

. With an open pair of scissors, curl each of the remaining petals. Your circle petals will need to be pressed into your hand so that they curl upwards and don’t stick straight up when you glue them to the base.

. Take the tallest set of petals and glue them to the center.

.Take the medium and smallest set of petals, offset them from the first set, and glue them to the center as well.

. This is the trickiest part- apply a small line of glue to the circular part of the flower. This will hold fine once it dries. You can apply it to the base circle petal if you prefer.

Once that part is glued, you can put on the finishing touch- the leaf! You may need to shape the petals a bit with your hand so they don’t just lie flat- you want them to curl up to meet the other petals.
You’re done! You can play with the petals at this point to have them stick out or stay close to the center.

If the thought of cutting the petals yourself is daunting, you can purchase the ready cut petals from Rachel’s Etsy store here!


Download protea petals
Download protea center and leaf


Photos Ashley Forrette | Flowers: Rachel Coddington – Sunny and Stumpy by Ruffled blog

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