Rock and Roll guys!

Today Marta Marinho, from Beija-me Photography, debuts here in blog in the best way! She made today page be a competition to a flagship wedding blog: Rock and Roll Bride! A single, unique, different wedding, out of the box! Or not! Because in fact, if this couple chose to do something traditional, that would be different for them… it would go against their personality, doing everything as protocol demands.

In this marriage the rules that apply are from the heart! Those that make us free and be who we really are, regardless the expectations they the family may have on these dates. In fact, those who love us, love us anyway, if we have a wedding by the book, or have a party where everyone is free to be themselves! The fun is guaranteed!

Rita and Bruno married in a family home in Ponte de Lima. This wedding was really unique and unforgettable for those who witnessed it, full of delightful details. They wanted to recreate the Playground of school times, the dress was made by the bride herself (Rita Costumista) and beyond wonderful and festive it also included a little space for Bruno put a cross in with is ‘yes’ during the ceremony!

What a delicious theme! What wonderful phrases … who doesn’t remember the  ‘we’ll be infinite happy!’. What a delight! What a delight to recall the purity of what the feelings of love and passion are as a child!

This is undoubtedly an unforgettable wedding for Marta! And it’s proof that a colorful wedding, full of fun details can be as beautiful as any marriage where other colors and ways of being reign. Try it!

I believe that many have imagined doing a party like this and end up leaving their expectations be consumed by the expectations of parents or grandparents who idealize other kind of marriage.

See themselves in these photos and get strength to grab the reins of YOUR wedding! No fear! Who loves you will live this day the way you choose!

To see all photos go here! Be inspired!


Photos: Beija-me Photography


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