A blessed rainy day wedding

Today we have for the firt time in Amor Pra Sempre, Efeito Espontâneo with a summer wedding in the north of Portugal! Vânia and Filipe married last July in Santa Luzia Church in Viana do Castelo! And the month of July was expected to be hot and sunny but it played a trick on the grooms and it rained during the wedding!

Has tradition says, it was blessed! A union inspired in the tones of red and with many of the details made by the couple. Diy makes the decoration become more a part of the grooms.Which makes it  more real.You feelit like it’s not just your thoughts and imagination, you feels like it’s your creation.

Yes, I have made soe Diy on my wedding… maybe two hours before I got married! I cut… Paulo wrote the table numbers. And we did the same with the wedding invitations. I’m a fan of Diy but I also know that it’s a lot of work. Cheers for the brides that take some time to create these details and can, above all, involve the groom and the family to create together what will surround them in this special day

Something Blue were there too. Check out this beautiful wedding.


Inspire yourself!


Photos: Efeito Espontâneo | Video: Something Blue


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