Save The Date

It’s true, the Save the Date is gaining more and more fans in Portugal. It’s not much of a wedding invitation, it’s more a sort of ‘check the schedule’, which serves to guests know that there will be celebration on that day. It’s important to have the grooms name and the wedding date… The rest of the information can be given in the invitations that will follow. Yes, Save The Date should be sent about six months in advance so that friends and family have time to be arrange for the date.

This sort of invitation has a long tradition in Anglo Saxon countries, and now from paper they’re moving into video. It’s a recent phenomenon and undoubtedly here to stay.

Save the Dates, original, unique, are another way to underline the personality of the couple and for the guests to be awaken to a single celebration. This is just one of the examples that leave you to get your mind moving!

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Video: I Like To Move It

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