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For a long time that Castelbel brand is known by portuguese … but, I dare to say, that it’s probably best appreciated by tourists and foreigners. I came across Castelbel products when i did a year of marriage, since one of the company’s stores was closely linked to Hotel Infante Sagres (where i got married and where we celebrate wedding anniversaries! Very chic!).

A woman can’t pass a store with such a pleasant smell, especially when, like me, she’s a little obsessed with air fresheners and diffusers… After all we have 4 pets at home!

But the Castelbel… isn’t at all a brand of air fresheners or soaps … It ‘s a refinement brand … a complete one. I can tell you that one of these weekends that we decided to just get away we went to Euro Stars Rio Douro Hotel and Spa and the smell… So great! Moreover, not only the smell was phenomenal as later, when i leaned on one of the windows to see that piece that was so beautiful and it had my favorite color, i realized it was a Castelbel diffuser, more precisely – i knew this after my foray into the store – Fig and Pear difuser. I couldn’t resist it and Castelbel became part of the scent back home.

figpear-range-fullsize castelbel

No doubt it combines the best fragrances and a design of excellence. It’s certainly an Oporto company that perfumes the various corners of the world. Started its activity in 1999, dedicated to the manufacture of soaps, exclusively for the American market, but today is already widespread: Spain, England, Germany and Australia.

A team that started with nine employees and today has more than 100, among chemists, chemical engineers and designers that all together allowed the company to grow, diversify its product portfolio and to expand markets and today, in addition to soaps, Castelbel produces complete lines with candles, air fresheners, fragrance diffusers, scented papers, hand creams and body creams.

There are dozens of options smells, colors, sizes and design… All with portuguese charisma. And It’s here in the blog not by chance. Partners of Amor Pra Sempre by excelence, it’s surely an excellent option to offer to your guests as a favour. A genuinely portuguese product. The product its not only is fashionable but we must capitalize what this country does best.

pompoms castelbel

One of the latest additions: Pompom soap is available in Cake Ginger (Gingerbread) and Vanilla (Vanilla Spice) fragrances. Actually the pom-poms can be reused to hold your hair. How about this idea for your guests?

Inspire yourself!

Photo: Castelbel

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