A walk by the sea

This couple was featured here a few days ago! And they’re still coming back again! It’s true! If not for nothing else, for the beautiful bride (what indian eyes!)! And now that we have seen, in video, how their wedding was, today we go back in time and reminisce the days of dating in the beach in the company of Momento Cativo. Moments of complicity and passion.

Vânia is super fun and outgoing, João is quiet and modest, they are different, opposites, but have a fairytale chemistry! They are like a coin, opposites that complete! She told us that she usually liked misbehaving boys the bad boys from school and that she had to fall for a nice one! Life takes many turns.

“My heart could not have chosen better!” These are words of a passionate bride. And these photos depict the happiness of this couple, who chose as the site for this session, the sea front of Esposende, near the area where they live and where they like to go for walks and dating.

When I see photos of dating sessions I always remember a phrase or hint, that was given to me “i always ask brides not to wear jeans on the day of the session”. It is true that we see many You+Me sessions in jeans … I and my husband also used them and I still like it! But when I see sessions like these, I think really, as for a wedding, we can seize the moment to highlight our beauty!

So brides and grooms: look your best in the shoots! Even in a pair of jeans! And feel comfortable to ask all your questions about how to behave in front of the camera! What matters is you have fun!

You can view all photos from this session here!


Inspire yourselfs!


Photos: Momento Cativo

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