Wedding = Dream = Come true

A wedding is a special day. We always want that it never ends … we want it to go on and on … We want to remember the smiles of our friends, the tears of our family. Ahhh if time could stop. Serralves a dream weadding to remember forever.

Fotografamos and SomethingBlue, among many others who also live these days, do magic. They record forever in photos and on video this day that insists on running and really make it last forever! Together they shared the wedding of Sophia and Nuno and in the words of this couple photographers:

“Some say that dreams never come true, but we can say with certainty that it is not always so. This is one of those dreams that have come true and it was very special to have been part of such a beautiful and elegant day. Yet we were lucky to have the company of our friends Ivo and Vanessa from SomethingBlue, who were there to film the wedding”.

And I am lucky to be able to start the blog Amor Pra Sempre with a wedding in my hometown, in Serralves, a space that I love, with partners like these! Thank you for sharing your work!

You can see all the photos here!


Inspire yourself!



Photos: Fotografamos | Video:SomethingBlue

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