Smells like christmas

It ‘s inevitable, Christmas presents are always difficult to decide. There is always some fear that it’s not the best option. And we think and rethink… But there are some items that are ALWAYS a good choice! Personally, i already bought almost all Christmas gifts. Throughout the year I take notesin a smartphone application of some of the possible gifts for family and friends and then it becomes much easier!

But there are always last-minute shopping and for those who have doubts or haven’t done their shopping, here’s a good solution. Even if you already have all the purchases made, you can always use one of these items in your home decor, and give the house a Christmas smell.

With top notes of citrus, ripe tangerine and red apple, body notes of spice, cinnamon, rose and freesia, and notes of oriental background, woody and amber, the Christmas Special Edition Castelbel 2014 is a great option to create an warm and christmas environment. Don’t just read about it, go to one of the shops and feel this scent that makes you want to try it! You’ll surrender to it! I fell not only by the smell but by the xmas  packaging always with romantic standards!

This line has scented candles, diffusers and scented soaps. I can already see the guests asking  ‘what ‘s this wonderful smell?’.

These are useful, simple presents and look great with any decor! And by the way, here’s a good tip for someone that has been using these products for a long time: the bottles can be reused for other purposes. Elegant glass bottles that can turn out to be small jars or even liquor bottles after properly washed.



PS: This post could even be advertising but it is not, I am really fan of Castelbel, i promise i’ll put pictures to prove it, soon! First i still need to learn to photograph!



Photos: Castelbel


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