Snows creates unique cenarios

This is a wedding with bohemian and hippie inspiration. A winter wedding. Sublime. There is no other way to describe it. Sarah and Ian decided to marry in Reit im Winkl, Germany, on 20 December 2013. It was a beautiful party and Nancy Ebert managed to capture perfectly the light that shone that day!

The wedding had only a small group of friends and family what made the wedding even more intense. Among visas and itineraries it’s difficult to organize an international marriage. But ‘the faces of those who see snow for the first time makes it all worthwhile’. This was a marriage planned six months in advance and this was the begining to the end of all the countless Skype-nights.

‘A winter wedding in the snow created a unique atmosphere, breathtaking. In the evening, we read our vows in front of the fireplace. It was the perfect setting for us. Nobody was nervous or uncertain, everything was perfect. We always had a lot of luck and appreciate this gift every day. Forever’.

Sarah wore two dresses, both with hippie and bohemian inspiration . ‘I didn’t want a typical wedding dress, i wanted to combine vintage and hippie elements and this dress was made for me, and has a striking resemblance to my mother’s. The fur coat belongs to my grandmother. She couldn’t attend the marriage due to health problems, and she was very glad to know I would be using something from her’.

The groom’s family traveled from South Africa and England, as did the maid of honor, who came from Australia, but Sarah and Ian were sure that this winter scenario would be very special to all. In this marriage even the cake traveled! ‘The wedding cake was all handmade by my husband, from rose petals to the cake recipe, which is a South African specialty of his grandmother’.

Germany joins South Africa in a wedding that truly reflects the significance of this union but without ever leaving aside the delicacy of the decor and the need to create unique memories, what made them choose Nancy Ebert to shoot this day.

‘Getting married is like skydiving. Was i realy there? Did this really happened? And when we reflect back on the memories the answer is a round ‘yes!’.

Is not it? If you want to see more pictures of this wedding can do it here!


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Photo: Nancy Ebert via Love My Dress


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