Summer Touch

It’s true. Elsewhere in the world it’s summer. Elsewhere in the world the vibrant colors of the hot season delight bride and groom. This styled shoot from Efeito Espontâneo takes us to one of these summer days, a cool morning full of creativity.

The inspirations are only the starting point for those who are lost in countless magazines and blogs! The essential, even if you’re taking the route of ‘let’s see what’s hot!’, is that you be yourselves and have a guiding thread.

You can start by choosing the color, the dress, the flowers. Anything, A selected item is already the beginning of the whole, the problem is to keep this item unchanged and start building from there! It sounds simple, but it’s not!

You can see all the photos here!


Inspire yourselves!


Photo: Efeito Espontâneo | Stationary: Sofia Cerqueira | Floral Design: Elisa Marques | Models: Marta e Sofia | Makeup: Márcia Gonçalves


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