The Promiss

A clean look. Classic is always good. And Something Blue do the honors and open this Monday morning. Iva and Nuno married this May, “when the sun was already very hot and asked for outdoors and party”. The Templo do Senhor Bom Jesus da Cruz in Barcelos was chosen for the ceremony site that thrilled but where smiles were proof of happiness that ran through their hearts.

After a season filled with weddings and other work, we begin to have on hand the new highlights. Hopefully they will thrill people and they ‘ll end up smiling at the screen. Barcelos brought us these two lovers who celebrated their wedding like no other. Iva and Nuno mean the world to one another.

A delicious detail: the cake was simple but with a unique twist. A Willow Tree piece called Promiss. I believe that as a way to remember their votes forever, the special day that brought them together. Susan Lordi carves each one of this pieces and in this one she suggests a duality. Depending on your point of view the sculpture may seem a man and a woman kissing – if you see it from behind – or simply with their faces touching and clasped hands. And Something Blue capture this duality perfectly!

What a beautiful piece Iva and Nuno! A small sample of how we can make our decoration or cake a part of us. Original ideas that mark clearly the personality of the bride and groom.


Inspire yourselfs!


Video: Something Blue | Venue: Quinta Lago dos Cisnes |Photography: Lounge Fotografia | DJ: LSS – produção de eventos | Dress:Rosa Clará

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